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Contact House of Hedda

Telephone: 00 46 8 442 60 06

E-mail: kundservice@houseofhedda.com

Showroom: se the Frontpage for information

Address: House of Hedda, Kaptensgatan 4, 114 57 Stockholm.



Suomalaiset asiakkaita voi vain vaihtaa kortteja

Toimitusmaksut SUOMI;

paketin paino enintään 1 kg (esim puukengät) – 150 SEK  paketin paino enintään 1 - 4,5 kg  – 250 SEK paketin paino 4,5 - 8 kg  – 500 SEK

 Otathan yhteyttä meihin mikäli olet epävarma paketin painosta. Paketin painaessa liikaa (toimitusehtojemme mukaan) joudumme valitettavasti perumaan/muuttamaan tilaustasi!

Tervetuloa ostoksille!


Method of Payment

We accept payment with VISA and Mastercard within the EU. We supply this service through DIBS who are certified to handle secure transactions on the internet. For orders from outside of the EU please contact us for further details about payment methods and freight costs.


Prices when you use the Currency Exhange

Important. Prices are always set in swedish kronor/SEK. To Finland you can only pay with Credit Card. If you use EURO/foreign currency as rate in the shop there may be a slight difference in the final amount and this is due to the current rate of exchange that is set by the bank when the transaction is made. The currency rate shown on our website may differ from that of the bank and should only be used as a guideline.


What countries do we deliver to?

We deliver to countries within Europe (EU members) and to other countries only on agreement and if order is under 1,8 kg. 

Method of Delivery

We send all our parcels with the Swedish Postal Office and in other countries with their co-operators.


Expected time of Delivery

Your order will be shipped within 2-7 days of reciept (not counting sat-sun and red days). If there is any kind of delay you will be informed by mail.


Parcels which are not collected

If a parcel is not collected and therefore returned to us we will still need payment for the delivery and subsequent return costs.


Damaged products and returns

Please contact us if there is any damage to the product (if possible please send us a photo of the damage). You will either be refunded the cost or we will send you a new product. If you have changed your mind about the purchase and want to return the item (with no damages) you will have to pay the return cost yourself. Always contact us first before returning an item.


Guide how to place an order

1. Choose your currency on the top of the page. Note that the price that is shown on a product in other currencies than SEK only is a guideline and not an exact cost. It is always the banks excange rate at the time of placing an order that decides the price. To get an as exact price as possible you can look at the products in swedish Kronor (SEK) and then check on the banks currency exchange rate.

2. You find different categories of products on the left side of the page.

3. When you find a product you are interested in press the "info" button next to the price.

4. Now you will se the item with more details about it in swedish. To see if there are more photos of the item you simply click on the photograph. If you decide to buy this item you will have to fill in how many you want under "antal" (how many). After that you press the pink  "lägg i shoppingväskan" (put in your shoppingbag) button.

5. Every time you have filled your shoppingbag with a new item you will se an upgrade at the top of the page where it says how many articles you want to buy and the total amount of these articles (ex. 1 artiklar, Totalpris 59 kr).

6. If you want to change anything in your shoppingbag you can press the button "Ändra shoppingväska" (change your shoppingbag). Here you can how many of each item you want under antal (how many). After that you press "Uppdatera"(update)  and then you press "Till Kassan" (to cashier). You can also your whole shoppingbasket (töm shoppingväskan)  here.

7. When you have filled your shoppingbasket with the items you want to buy you press on "Gå till Kassan"(To cashier) at the top of the page. Here yo will have to fill in all the details about yourself and make your payment etc. Din Varukorg (your shoppingbasket) shows the items you want to buy. If you want to make any last changes you press "uppdatera varukorgen".

Person och leveransuppgifter (personal details): Fill in name (förnamn), surname (efternamn), address (leveransadress), postal code (postnr), town (ort), country (land), e-mailaddress (e-postadress), phone nr (telefon), miblenr (mobiltelefon).  If you do not want to have our news letters sent to you by mail please untick the box where it says "ja, jag vill få ert nyhetsbrev".

Betalningsätt (payment method). Here you choose if you want to pay with VISA or with Mastercard/Eurocard.

Fraktsätt (delivery methods). Here you have an option to choose the payment for parcels up to 1 kg or over 1 kg. Within EU we send orders up to 4 kg. If yoy make an order on total weight over 4 kg (parcel etc included) we will maculate som of the articles you ordered and contact you. We dont send parcels Outside EU due to customs etc.

Aviseringssätt (contact for delivery). Here you leave you contact number/s so that the postal office/delivery office in your country can get in touch with you for delivery of the parcel.

Information/Kundtjänst (Information). Under Kommentar till kundtjänst (contact with customer service) you can leave a message or any other query you have to us and we will get back to you, usually by e-mail.

Furthest down on the page you have the green button called "Skicka beställningen" (send your order). When you press here you will come in to the page for payment.  You will have to fill in your card number, expiry date etc.

When all that is done and the payment has gone through you will receive an automatic receipt to your e-mail showing that you have placed an order with us.

Please remember to log out (press the"logga ut" on the right hand side of the page where you will see your name).

If you have any more queries about how to make an order, please contact us by mail on kundservice@houseofhedda.com


Delivery Fees

  • Delivery to countries within the European - parcels 0-4 kg- 395 swedish kronor/SEK
  • Delivery to Finland parcels up to 4,5 kg - 250 SEK and 4,5 - 8 kg  - 500 SEK. Contact us if you are uncertain of the weight of your order, we vill contact you to reglate the payment if its wrong!
  • NO DELIVERY OVER 4 kg Within the European Union. You have to make separate orders if you want to order parcels over 4 kg. Contact us if you are uncertain of the weight of your order, we vill contact you to reglate the payment if its wrong!
  • NO DELIVERY OUTSIDE EU (Norway, Switzerland, Åland, USA, Canada etc)