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Fraktpriser inom Sverige
  • Frakten inom Sverige kostar 49 kronor hur stor eller liten ordern än är. Deliveries in Sweden 49 kronor.
  • Fraktfirtt vid order från 1500 kr in Sweden
Fraktpriser till andra länder/Delivery prices to countries outside Sweden
    • Frakt till/Delivery to EU countries - 395 swedish kronor for parcels up to 4 kg (no deliveries for parcels over 4 kg. But its of course OK to make two orders under 4 kg)
    • Frakt till/Delivery to FINLAND - 150 swedish kronor for parcels up to 1 kg (one pair of clogs)
  • Frakt till/Delivery to FINLAND - 200 swedish kronor for parcels 1- up to 5 kg
  • Frakt till/Delivery to FINLAND - 250 swedish kronor for parcels 5 -20 kg
  • Frakt till länder UTANFÖR EU / NO Delivery to countries OUTSIDE EU (Norge, Åland, Switzerland, USA, Canada...)Vi expedierar EJ ordrar till länder UTANFÖR EU / NO orders to countries OUTSIDE EU (Norge, Åland, Switzerland, USA, Canada...). SORRY! - due to complicated rules and procedures with customs and VAT.

Choose your own currency or Euro (at the top of the page) when you make an order. The payment is always in Swedish kronor so the prices that are shown when you use another currency may not be exact. The exact amount will be determined by the currency exchange used by the bank on the day of transaction.

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